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Custom performance epoxy floors

Epoxy Flooring Services in Fountain Valley, CA

Which Type of Epoxy Will Work For My Floor?

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The space you will have the epoxy in will determine which topcoat you will want. If there will be high traffic, some extra traction in your epoxy may be preferable. At the same time, some floors might come in contact with chemicals, so that a thick protective spill-resistant coating might serve them best. If you are customizing your space with patterns or multiple colors, our floor contractors can walk you through how best to do this with a free quote.

Solid Epoxy Flooring

Solid epoxy is your basic epoxy flooring, but don’t let that description fool you. Epoxy floors are easy to customize and can fit whatever look you want for your space.

Concrete can erode with traffic and wear and tear, and it doesn’t hold up well under spills. By installing an epoxy coat on top, you keep the hardness and longevity of the concrete but make it much more durable. Epoxy floor systems are permanent installations that adhere to concrete surfaces for a superior look and feel. A glossy or matte finish makes for an elegant appearance that elevates any space, even a garage floor.

Solid epoxy is popular for commercial and industrial properties and garage floor coating. The cured protective layer protects the concrete from impacts and abrasions and does not absorb spilled liquid or chemicals. These floors hold up very well under the heaviest of traffic, both foot and vehicular, and are slip-resistant for safety. Flooring that is durable and prevents accidents like slipping and falling increases the productivity of a workspace and saves you money in the long term.

We can do all sorts of colors and patterns for your epoxy floor. With the matte or glossy shine on top of any design, your floors will look great for a long time! The floors are seamless, smooth surfaces without cracks, chips, or unsightly stains. Since epoxy cures to be hard, smooth, and seamless, it is effortless to clean up. All you need is a quick sweep or a wet mop to have it look as great as the day you bought it. Even if a more robust cleaning product is needed, that will be fine.

Our floors work well in many settings, from schools and hospitals to warehouses and epoxy garage floors. No matter the function or the environment, we can elevate your space. Contact us today to learn how an epoxy floor will serve you best.

Flake Epoxy Flooring

This epoxy coating has an added traction layer by including multicolored flakes under the topcoat. These flakes not only make the surface more slip-resistant, but they also add to the floor’s aesthetic appeal.

Flake epoxy floors work well as a garage epoxy option and in other outdoor spaces such as patios, pool decks, and walkways. A clear coat of polyaspartic and epoxy blend keeps the epoxy UV-stable so that it does not yellow or fade with time.

The epoxy protects the floors from wear and tear and erosion that usually cause irritating concrete dust and covers a multitude of imperfections below. For these reasons, a flake epoxy floor looks excellent outside and will add natural elegance to the yard.
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Flake epoxy
Garage Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

For a customized look that has all of the strength and durability of an epoxy floor with a gorgeous and dramatic finish, look no further than a metallic floor coat.

In between the hard primary layers, metallic epoxy gets added. During the curing process, the epoxy will react and move to create beautiful and unique designs that mimic natural shapes. The metallic sheen reflects brilliantly under lights and instantly improves the visuals of the space. It is no wonder that retail car showrooms, sophisticated commercial hotels, office spaces, and private homeowners go for this look.

Metallic epoxy floors have the same UV-stable and slip-resistant properties as the other coating options, and they can also be customized to be in a color that works best with the surrounding space.

Our team of epoxy experts at Custom Performance Floors in Fountain Valley, CA can lay out your options for you. We will recommend which coating option will look best in your space and fit your needs. Contact us today for a free quote to get started on your remodel!

Metallic epoxy
Metallic epoxy

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is Durable and Long-Lasting

The strength of epoxy is the number one selling point for these floors. Epoxy optimizes the natural power of the concrete surface below and can hold much weight without getting damaged.

Epoxy floors do not break down under heavy foot traffic. The slip-resistant natural traction does not break down with use, so the floors remain safe. Businesses and institutions like retail stores or hospitals can rest easy knowing that frequent repairs will not interrupt their goings on.

Cracks, abrasions, and scratches do not mar the smooth floor surface of the epoxy. Any warehouse or garage space handling chemicals don’t have to worry about the floor absorbing spills and getting stained since epoxy can be chemical-resistant and waterproof. Without visible blemishes, manufacturing areas and garages look great, no matter how hard they treat their workspace.

Epoxy is made to last. Custom Performance Floors backs up our flooring product with a 10-year warranty to show our confidence. With some upkeep, epoxy floors can outlast those ten years, with some going beyond 25 years.

Epoxy Floors are Low-Maintenance

The durability of the floors means that they rarely, if ever, need resurfacing or repair. The resilient coating makes cleaning easy, too, since there aren’t cracks and crevices for dirt and spills to enter.

The epoxy can handle sanitizing and more potent cleaning products, too. All that is needed to clean up an epoxy floor may be a dry sweep of debris and dust or a quick wet mop of any tougher spills. Hence, restaurants and airplane hangars trust the concrete coating for their floors.

A bonus of epoxy floors: Your flooring decision also benefits the health of the people around you. Bacteria and dirt cannot get into the floors without abrasions, so there is no risk of mold growing or contamination of the concrete below. Many families use epoxy floors in their homes beyond the garage and include the material in kitchens and bathrooms.

Not only does your floor handle the wear and tear like it’s brand new, but it also looks brand new since it is so easy to care for and clean. If you want to remodel and not worry about your floors for a long time, epoxy is the way to go.

Epoxy Floors Look Fantastic

A floor that requires minimal effort to clean and doesn’t look like it’s been through a battle is a high-quality surface. Epoxy floors do not look their age, which is great as they last so long! You can take pride in your flooring and know there are no unsightly spots to hide from sight.

Your floors are always bright with an epoxy coating, unlike plain concrete. There is no limit to your design possibilities with epoxy. The primary coats can be any color of your choice or multiple colors. Some schools or commercial buildings add logos to theirs, while warehouses can have writing or arrows for regulated directions.

Your choice of flake or metallic coating and level of sheen can also add to the functionality and aesthetic of your flooring. A glossy metallic floor makes the product look fantastic in some retail spaces. This is why you will find such floors in showrooms and stores anywhere from Newport Beach to Yorba Linda and Fullerton to San Juan Capistrano.

Whether you are a large industrial organization, a family-owned small business, an individual renovating their home, or a boutique store - an epoxy floor of any kind will make your space look great.

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Epoxy Floors are Worth the Price

Installing an epoxy flooring system might seem slightly pricier than you would like. The fact is that resilient flooring helps your bottom line, no matter who you are.

Floors that do not require regular resurfacing or replacement and do not shut down service frequently allow you to maintain a steady income stream. Avoiding service shutdowns is essential for warehouses, hospitals, restaurants, and office buildings. Considering the heavy traffic that some floors handle, this may save you a lot in your budget. That is less money spent on repairs over the years you will have your epoxy floor.

Our floor installation aims to take as little of your time as possible. We will include any concrete prep work in your estimate, as your floor will require resurfacing first. However, as long as you already have a structurally sound concrete base, you save on the cost of building that first. After the resurfacing, the epoxy coating is applied and left to cure and dry. The topcoat is a blend of epoxy and polyaspartic, reducing the drying time dramatically and letting you get back into your space on time.

Besides saving on repairs and installation, your floors won’t require expensive cleaning companies to maintain them when it is such an easy task. If nothing else, you should be able to cut back on the number of cleaning crew visits.

The safety of our epoxy floors cuts down on lost time from accidents where employees may slip and fall. Improvements to safety in the workplace increase productivity and cut down on insurance costs.

Finally, epoxy floors increase the value of your property. If you are a homeowner looking to improve your place, these floors are a relatively easy job for which potential buyers are willing to spend more. High-quality flooring is never a risk but rather a rewarding investment.

Contact Us Today For a Free Quote

When you reach out to Custom Performance Floors for a quote on epoxy floors, we will tailor it to fit your needs best. Every job is unique, and we need to take several factors into account, such as:

  • The square footage of the space.
  • The prep work and resurfacing needing to be done before installation.
  • The type of epoxy and customizations chosen and layers of epoxy.
  • The curing time for the layer and top coat.

Your epoxy floors will last a long time, so we want you to be happy with your purchase. We will not cut corners but will provide the best floor for you for the best price. Our flooring experts can get you an estimate right away.

Call us today if you or your business reside in Fountain Valley, CA. We are happy to discuss how we can help with your remodel. Our positive reviews show our pride in our work, and we cannot wait to show you the quality of our epoxy floors.

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