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Commercial Industrial Floors in Huntington Beach, Orange County

As a business-owner, you need floors that are safe and long-lasting, while not extremely expensive. Custom Performance Floors Concrete Coating and Polishing knows industrial and commercial concrete surfaces. Our experts will give you a free estimate on our 10-year warranty-backed floors that are made just for your company.

Durability and low maintenance are critical factors in choosing a floor option for commercial and industrial spaces. Every business requires a flooring system that cuts down on costs, especially concerning maintenance. Cleaning, upkeep, and re-doing a flooring system costs add up and cut down on workplace productivity.

The other huge factor is safety, both for staff and customers. Occupational and retail safety are cost-saving considerations that increase workplace productivity and protect companies from expensive insurance payouts. Floors in these environments must hold up under high traffic and not erode and become slippery or a tripping hazard.

On top of these significant factors, customization is essential for commercial and industrial floor systems. Floors in public settings should be aesthetically pleasing to attract business. At the same time, decorative aspects provide functional benefits for staff in industrial spaces as well.

Custom Performance Floors has been your Huntington Beach concrete floor specialist for the past 25 years. Throughout our years of experience, we have earned the trust and rave reviews of industrial and commercial business operators in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, and other communities in Orange County.

Our team of flooring experts looks forward to impressing you with our responsiveness, quality craft, and competitive pricing. Our team of professionals can review your flooring options with you and work to decide which best meets your needs and budget. You can contact one of our project managers for a free quote if you are building or remodeling an industrial or commercial site.

Industrial and Commercial Flooring Needs

Polished concrete restaurantSchool floors

Each business's industry demands will be unique, despite requiring the overarching themes of safety, long-lasting durability, and cost-effectiveness. The most appropriate floor system will depend on the specific conditions of each workplace.
Concrete is a strong and versatile material, but on its own, it can chip and crack easily and erode into dust particles that are harmful if breathed into people's lungs. The slabs are porous, allowing liquids to seep inside and contaminate the entire piece. Concrete needs a safe and durable treatment that is practical and easy to clean.
A few flooring solutions can make concrete the suitable product for your space, and a Custom Performance Floors expert in Huntington Beach can provide you with tailored options.

Restaurants, Food Processing and Production Spaces

These industrial and commercial operations are areas of high traffic that see opportunities for spills and damage, affecting the safety of the staff. There are better options than vinyl flooring to handle the wear and tear in kitchen and food preparation spaces. Worn flooring means surface replacement regularly, costing the company unnecessarily.

Floors in food handling areas must be slip-resistant, waterproof, and durable despite frequent abrasions and spills. Temperatures can vary in kitchens, with freezers and coolers necessary for food safety. Thermal changes and shock affect the performance of concrete and particular floor coatings.

Finally, these spaces must be as hygienic and food-safe as possible. Hence, a seamless floor that is easy to clean and free of bacteria and dirt is essential.


Educational facilities see high traffic that scuffs, stains, and cracks a floor made of weaker materials. Concrete coating or polished concrete provides those walking school halls with safety from slipping and the opportunity to customize and decorate the space.

Medical Facilities

Hospitals, clinics, veterinarian practices, and other healthcare institutions require durable floors. Their surfaces must withstand constant foot traffic and contact with chemicals, bodily fluids, and dangerous objects. High-performance settings must be waterproof and chemical-resistant, antimicrobial and hygienic, and ergonomic for staff constantly on their feet. Non-slip surfaces are necessary to keep staff and guests in the space safe from falls. Easy-to-clean and maintain floors are crucial as there is seldom a chance to shut down operations for the addition of new flooring or repair.

Commercial Spaces

No matter the type of commercial property, high traffic can cause wear and tear on flooring. More increased traffic requires increased protection for those frequenting the space. Slip-resistant flooring is of the utmost importance for spaces with public access. Greenhouses and growing areas, stadiums, parking garage floors, food and beverage service providers, construction sites, and retail stores all benefit from concrete’s strength and durability of floor treatments.

Durability is not just a matter of safety but also aesthetics. Showrooms and displays need to be visually appealing to customers. A shiny and reflective floor can save a company on lighting costs.

Industrial Operations

Industrial applications present a challenge in selecting floor treatments. Airplane hangars, shops, manufacturing facilities, fire halls, and warehouses need reliable surfaces that withstand extreme pressure. The final choice must be slip-resistant and have excellent traction for people’s feet and heavy machinery. Surfaces must be impact-resistant, not cracking or eroding under heavy vehicles and loads. Safety features should also include resistance to chemicals and oils.

Visual appeal is less likely to be a consideration. Still, there may be requirements for designations of different areas within a large warehouse, and customizable flooring is helpful. A cost-effective flooring option that requires little work shutdown for installation or maintenance is vital. Floor upkeep should not affect productivity and prevent operations from being completed on time.

Polished concrete is a budget-friendly, low-maintenance option for any commercial or industrial site. Glossy surfaces reflect lights well, and high-shine polished concrete can help lower electrical bills and make products look their best. Aesthetics isn’t sacrificed for durability either, as the floors look great and keep their visual appeal long.

Polishing can occur on any structurally sound concrete slab with no issues. Our concrete contractors use diamond grit machinery to buff porous concrete into a dense liquid-repellant surface. The Custom Performance Floors team can show you what repairs and smoothing prep work must be completed before the concrete grinding.

Regarding decorative concrete, we can look at concrete staining, tinting, dyeing with custom colors and sealers, or adjusting levels of sheen (with a high gloss or matte finish as options). Following buffing, chemical additives can be an option to improve durability and moisture resistance. Finally, a final polish occurs, and the process is complete. No drying time for a permanent coat is needed so that workplace operations can restart immediately.

Polished concrete requires little maintenance and is easy to clean. The surfaces have great longevity and can last up to 20 years without repolishing if necessary. Installation costs are lower as no permanent coat is needed. The time it takes the project from start to finish is two to three days, depending on the concrete preparation required in advance.

Our Huntington Beach flooring contractors can provide a quote for this system, considering the space’s square footage, necessary prep work, chosen design elements, and project complexity.

Commercial polished concrete

Industrial and Commercial Epoxy Flooring and Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings, of which epoxy flooring systems would be the most popular, offers a variety of benefits, including the following:

  • Durability – Coatings protect from long-term wear and tear damage, impacts, flames, and other threats to concrete. Increased durability means less time spent making repairs and less cost to operations.
  • Resistance to spills and chemicals – Coatings can be customized to repel specific chemicals on top of being water-, oil- and other liquid-proofed. Resistant coatings improve durability and safety. Besides protection from stains and corrosion, optional additives can control for static or conductivity in manufacturing environments.
  • Non-slip coatings – Traction causes a lower likelihood of people slipping or machinery accidents. Occupational health and safety, as well as customer safety, saves money and increases productivity by staff.
  • Custom colors and decorations – Logos and patterns can increase the visual appeal of concrete floors. Particular requirements for directional markings and spatial divisions might exist in specific shops and warehouses, and customization allows for safety improvements.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Colors, designs, and shine are essential in retail spaces to increase sales.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Floor durability is improved with concrete coatings, which reduces maintenance and repair costs in the long term. Reduced time and money spent on cleaning are easy on the budget.

Installation of the concrete coating takes about one to two days, depending on the square footage of the surface area in question and the prep work needed in advance. Quotes on concrete coatings will depend on the surface area size, the floor installation length, the customized color and pattern options, and the project complexity. Complexity will depend on the number and types of coats tailored to your needs.

A 10-year warranty backs epoxy floor coatings through Custom Performance Floors. No matter the type of concrete coating you decide to go with, you are guaranteed a high-quality industrial or commercial floor.

Epoxy Floor Coatings and Other Options

Epoxy coatings are layers of resins and hardeners that combine into one with the concrete. This concrete treatment makes for durable surfaces that resist all sorts of damage. Layers can increase to make a thicker coating if desired. Epoxy floor coatings apply seamlessly, meaning there are no cracks or spaces for bacteria and dirt to accumulate. Anyone can clean the surfaces with a dry sweep or a wet mop. We can include sealant in the floor treatment for UV resistance, chemical-specific repelling qualities, or safety enhancements like conductive element control. Epoxy floor coatings are customizable with patterns, designs, flake additives or metallic epoxy options.

MMAs (methyl methacrylates) are layered concrete coatings that differ from traditional epoxy. Curing the coat is reduced dramatically (sometimes to one or two hours), meaning work doesn’t have to cease for long. MMA coatings are durable, like epoxy, but are less temperature-sensitive and can go on in colder temperatures. MMAs are better for coolers or use outdoors, depending on the weather.

Urethanes are tightly-bonded polymers that are customizable and easy to clean with excellent longevity. There are fewer fume emissions during the installation process than epoxy. Urethanes can also reduce noise and be ergonomic and antimicrobial. Urethanes are also able to handle temperature changes and thermal shocks like MMAs. These features make them frequently used in a healthcare setting for floors.

Polyaspartic coatings are a newer type of concrete coating that boasts fewer emissions and quick-drying installation. They can have a high gloss, almost wet surface look, and the watery tone of the coating can be colored, just like epoxy. Installation is one day, so less time spent off work saves money. Polyaspartic coats are very durable and have excellent substrate adhesion. For control over a challenging application, we recommend having one of our Custom Performance Floors concrete experts handle the installation.

Metallic epoxy
performance floor
Blue epoxy

The option you select for your industrial or commercial flooring project does not matter. Our expert team at Custom Performance Floors will tailor it to meet your needs. There are various ways to ensure your surfaces maximize cost-effectiveness and reliability while maintaining safety and aesthetic standards.

Call us today to discuss what you want to do with your space!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are commercial industrial floors?

Commercial industrial floors are specialized flooring solutions designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, machinery, chemicals, and other industrial stresses commonly found in commercial and industrial settings.

What materials are commonly used for commercial industrial floors?

Common materials for commercial industrial floors include epoxy, concrete, polished concrete, vinyl, and tile. The choice of material depends on factors like durability, cost, and the specific needs of the facility.

How do you maintain commercial industrial floors?

Maintenance depends on the flooring material. Generally, it involves regular cleaning, periodic resealing or re-coating, and addressing any damage promptly to prevent further deterioration.

Can I prevent slip and falls on commercial industrial floors?

Utilizing non-slip coatings, textured surfaces, and regular cleaning to remove debris and spills can help prevent slip and fall accidents.

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