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Concrete Polishing in Huntington Beach, Orange County

You get economical, durable, and environmentally friendly flooring when you opt for a polished concrete floor from Custom Performance Floors Concrete Coasting and Polishing in Huntington Beach. On top of these significant benefits, the resurfacing gives your old floors a sleek and modern look that lasts. Search for a flooring option that is high quality and versatile and also low maintenance on top of these other traits. You will be hard-pressed to find a better choice than polished floors.

At Customer Performance Floors Concrete Coating and Polishing, we are happy to offer our epoxy flooring and concrete polishing services to the Huntington Beach and Orange County area and Los Angeles, Anaheim, and San Diego. We have proudly served our communities for 25 years and provided the best flooring option for excellent customer satisfaction. Our expert team's service areas are in all aspects of flooring, and we can give you a quote today for your space. For the best concrete polishing in southern California, contact us to get your surface finishing done right!

Why Polished Concrete Floors?

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Custom Performance Floors’ polished concrete is a simple solution to many flooring issues. It is solid, versatile, customizable, and efficient. The cost of polishing concrete floors is significantly lower than installing new surfaces. Still, you would not guess this by the looks of the result.

The retail options for polished concrete are pretty varied. You can take advantage of an existing floor and update it to fit your needs, no matter the setting - commercial or residential. At Custom Performance Floors, we provide this flooring solution to many businesses throughout the region, from Newport Beach to Yorba Linda and Fullerton to Garden Grove.

Polished Concrete is Cost-Effective

Any structurally-sound concrete surface can be polished to look brand new (so long as it’s level). You do not need to redo entire structure floors and the costs of that. Our polishing experts repair any damage to the existing floor before the concrete grinding procedure. There is no drying or setting time with a basic polish, meaning that business can be halted for a maximum of a couple of days, depending on the size of the space.

On top of being a quick fix, the floors are effortless to clean, saving you on expensive products and cleaning services. The floor system is durable, so the floor doesn’t need future replacing- all it requires is another polishing at a date years down the road. It is a long-term solution at short-term pricing.

Polished concrete with a high gloss finish has the same brilliance as a marble or granite countertop or floor at a fraction of the cost of those materials. This shine works well with ambient lighting to optimize the appearance of the space and reduce the need for as many bright light fixtures. Your lowered electrical bill will reflect your savings on the floors as a pleasant surprise.

Why Polished Concrete Floors?

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Polished Concrete is Customizable

A basic polished concrete surface looks clean and sleek, but you can make many different aesthetic choices for your floor coatings. You can choose a high gloss finish, for example, or opt for a matte one instead.

Polished concrete can be colored with dyes and tints to match the room installed in or remain with a natural stone look. Floors can undergo concrete staining to look like wood, stone, or other raw materials. Some people opt to add in epoxy flaking.

Another popular design element on polished concrete floors is the addition of a logo for businesses and organizations. This artistic addition is equally as durable as the rest of the floor. It adds character to otherwise potentially bland industrial spaces.

Versatile, decorative concrete is why this is a popular floor solution for all properties.

Polished Concrete is Durable

Natural-looking, buffed concrete is a popular floor in all sorts of settings because it holds up to the toughest of traffic. Whether hundreds of retail customers, a large group of employees, or heavy machinery, such as forklifts in warehouses, cross the floor, the surface stays level. The floor polishing holds up against abrasions from dropped heavy tools, deformities from hot temperatures, and stains from harsh chemicals.

Concrete floors are incredibly hardy and, once installed, only need some buffing to stay functional. When chips or scuffs happen, our concrete contractors can come back and do the polishing process again. Repolishing returns the space to its original condition and can happen every few years (or longer between).

Polished Concrete Floors are Easy to Maintain

Low-maintenance flooring is the most significant benefit of concrete polishing. The shiny surface keeps its luster and is easy to clean. All that is required is some sweeping and a wet mop run on top to keep everything pristine. Our Custom Performance Floors polishing services leave spaces that will look brand new for years after the work.

Polished concrete relieves you of having to hide stains or blemishes in the flooring. With the buffed polish (and possible sealer of an epoxy coat), there are no seams or cracks to gather dirt. You can brush spills and dust away rather than seeping into the concrete or getting stuck in crevices. The seamless and brilliant finish and the easy cleaning function mean that you reap the health benefits of knowing your space is clean and there is no hidden dirt.

In the event of an abrasion to the flooring, our Custom Performance Floors Orange County concrete polishing team can redo the buffing to remove scratches and other marks and restore the surface to its original appearance.

Even Polished, Our Concrete is Slip-Resistant

Safety is a priority at Custom Performance Floors, and our polished concrete surfaces are guaranteed to keep those walking on them free from falls. The grip of the concrete exists despite the shine of the walkway, as the material itself isn’t prone to being slick. Polished concrete still provides excellent traction for footwear as well as equipment wheels.

If you want the added peace of mind, we can mix a non-slip coating to the concrete polishing, or some choose to add flakes into an epoxy coating for extra grip. No matter what, you can rest easy knowing that customers, staff, or family are not likely to hurt themselves falling on your floors.

Stained and sealed floor

Floor Polishing is a Quick and Easy Process

Using our grit polishing machines, our Custom Performance Floor team grinds down the existing concrete to buff the surface to a brilliant shine. Our Huntington Beach  concrete polishing experts look at the quality of the original surface material. Before starting, we care for blemishes with caulking products, such as cracks and stains. A hardening agent is applied, and then the polishing begins.

Usually, the level of diamond grit increases with each round of buffing until the floor surface looks shiny and hard. The procedure takes about two to three days, depending on the space size. Unless there is an epoxy coating, there doesn’t need to be any drying time after the polish, only the pre-polish repairs. The polishing procedure also allows the concrete to breathe and not have any moisture trapped under resin layers, causing potential future issues. It is an entirely dry process that is quick and can happen around working hours and spaces.

Custom Performance Floors also handles all of the aspects of the floor polishing procedure in-house, so the quotes and the repairs before polishing can be done by our staff. You do not need to seek out multiple companies to assist you. Instead, let us show you the quality and pride we take in our craft!

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Where Can I Use Polished Concrete for Flooring?

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The short answer is practically everywhere. Custom Performance Floors do polished concrete refinishing in a wide variety of settings throughout Huntington Beach and Orange County.

Commercial Concrete Polishing

Clients are wowed by floors that look brand new for years. The excellent price point, the coating versatility, the long-lasting surface traction, and the low maintenance upkeep are why companies choose polished concrete from Custom Performance Floors. Our company has done customized flooring at a low cost for all sorts of commercial organizations throughout Huntington Beach.

Industrial Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is a safe and inexpensive option for large industrial floors. This sure-footing increases the efficiency of the job site and saves the company money as a result. The moisture-controlled industrial concrete floors meet requirements for all sorts of industrial settings for traction, so workplace safety should not be a concern.

Warehouse Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete provides a durable and level surface, meaning staff and machinery such as forklifts can work efficiently and safely. The hard floors do not buckle easily under the heavy machines driven over them, so refinishing doesn’t need to happen often.

Our polished concrete floors are resistant to chemicals. They have enhanced moisture control, which adds to their durability and easy upkeep. The lack of applications requiring drying time means that set up, polishing and cleanup can be done by our expert staff around your company’s schedule and not take out of your productivity.

Airplane Hangar Concrete Polishing

Planes are an extreme example of heavy machines regularly running over your floors. Still, polished concrete holds up under these vehicles. The traction of the concrete keeps the floors from becoming slippery for staff and aircraft. Finally, the layers of shiny concrete offer protection from chemicals spilled onto the surface, not allowing them to seep into the floors and cause long-term damage.

Retail Store Concrete Polishing

A polished concrete floor is a cost-effective way to update surfaces on time so that sales are impacted at a bare minimum, if at all. Heavy foot traffic through stores doesn’t affect the quality of the surface of the polished concrete, so that maintenance can be infrequent, and cleaning is fast and easy. The floors maintain their traction for customer safety and their shine for store aesthetics for a long time.

Parking Garage Concrete Polishing

Garages experience consistent heavy traffic, so the durability of the polished surfaces is the appeal. You can do minimal upkeep in these spaces, so a quality polish must be done initially, left alone, and still be safe and appealing. Since polished concrete only needs a little refinishing, garage floors can go for a long time without reapplication.

Residential Concrete Polishing

Homeowners have used polished concrete in their garages, patios, driveways, and houses! Kitchens and bathrooms look great with a high gloss or matte floor finish, requiring little maintenance and effort to clean. Garages and driveways show considerably less wear and tear over time and thus improved functionality, thanks to the durability of the polished surface. A polished concrete floor can increase the house value for an easy and relatively inexpensive remodel.

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Contact Us Today for a Free Quote

Call our expert floor team today for a free consultation if you consider polished concrete floors for your residence or company property. Our craftspeople can estimate the cost of the project after establishing details, such as the following:

  • Project size/property square footage.
  • Any customizations.
  • Necessary repairs, flooring removals, or concrete installations to be done before polishing. 

If you are in Irvine, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, Santa Ana, or another Orange County city, we will come out to inspect the space and give an expert opinion regarding the materials, timeline, and price of the project. We look forward to providing you with the Custom Performance Floor advantage!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is concrete polishing?

Concrete polishing is a process that involves grinding and smoothing the surface of concrete to create a glossy, durable, and low-maintenance finish.

Why choose concrete polishing over other flooring options?

Concrete polishing is chosen for its durability, longevity, and the ability to transform existing concrete surfaces into attractive, low-maintenance flooring without the need for additional materials.

How does the concrete polishing process work?

Concrete polishing involves multiple steps, including grinding, honing, and polishing with progressively finer grits of diamond abrasives. Chemical densifiers and sealers may also be applied to enhance the finish.

Can any concrete surface be polished?

In general, most structurally sound concrete surfaces can be polished. However, the condition of the concrete and any existing coatings or contaminants may affect the results.

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